We didn’t think so!

Here’s what your MA state government plans to do:

Remove low carbon Propane & Bioheat® fuel from the Clean Energy solution.

Tax your Bioheat® fuel, Propane, and natural gas bills, by a lot! But they aren’t calling it a tax.

Force you to replace your reliable oil or gas furnace with an unreliable heat pump, costing you thousands of dollars.

Take away your right to choose how you heat your own home.

Act Now

What is the MA Clean Heat Standard?

If you live in Devaney’s Massachusetts service area, you should be aware of the MA Clean Heat Standard. This is a climate policy from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) to meet the emissions limit for residential, commercial, and industrial heating. It is not a bill, meaning it does not need to pass through the legislative process.

Unless Massachusetts residents voice their opposition, MassDEP will implement the policy in the near future. Contact your state rep to tell them that a decision of this magnitude should not be decided by MassDEP alone.

Despite being low carbon and readily available to help achieve climate goals, Propane and Bioheat® fuel are not supported in this policy. The negative impacts of removing Propane and Bioheat® fuel from the clean energy solution will be substantial. We want you to be informed about what your MA government is going to do to your energy choice. Learn how you can get in touch with state representatives to voice your concerns about the MA Clean Heat Standard.

Downsides to the MA Clean Heat Standard

Unfortunately, implementation of the Clean Heat Standard will dramatically affect homeowners and business owners in Massachusetts who are currently using Propane, heating oil and its renewable blends like Bioheat® fuel. As the policy aims to encourage widespread electrification, availability of and support for Propane and Bioheat® fuel will decrease steadily. It will also “tax” your Propane and Bioheat® fuel, but they are not calling it a tax. In addition, you will experience various downsides to relying on electricity and heat pumps for your primary source of heat:

  • The Massachusetts electric grid relies heavily on fossil fuels with close to 70% of support coming from natural gas, coal, and fuel oil. It is not strong enough to shoulder the burden of powering the entire state’s energy demand on its own.
  • The grid has faced challenges in extremely cold temperatures, which are common in our state. You can expect the grid will not perform well when temperatures dip below freezing.
  • In addition, heat pumps can cost tens of thousands of dollars to install in each property.
  • Your investment won’t last very long, as heat pumps have a low life expectancy and will likely need replacing before you move out of your home.
  • The state has few qualified and licensed technicians to perform service, which means delays in repairs when the heat goes out.
  • Currently, manufacturers do not support these systems with readily available parts, causing further delays in heat restoration.
  • Lastly, implementation of the Clean Heat Standard would remove your access to Propane or Bioheat® fuel as a backup power source, meaning you will be left in the cold if your electric equipment fails.

A Great Loss for Propane and Bioheat® Fuel Customers & The Environment

A switch to total electrification would be a great loss for Massachusetts, as well as the environment. Many people love the use of Propane and Bioheat® fuel for the following reasons:

  • Propane and Bioheat® fuel are delivered and stored on-site and do not rely on the electrical grid.
  • Propane and Bioheat® fuel are provided by locally owned, family-run businesses like Devaney Energy whose jobs will be threatened.
  • Propane and Bioheat® fuel offer affordable, reliable heat that you can trust.
  • Your current heating equipment runs on Propane and Bioheat® fuel and would need to be converted to electricity, costing you tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Propane and Bioheat® fuel are clean and renewable energies, which are helping you to decarbonize your home right now – more affordably and more quickly than if you were to convert your home to heat pumps and wait for decarbonization of the power grid.

All of these benefits would be lost when the Clean Heat Standard becomes policy statewide without Propane and Bioheat® fuel. But it’s not too late! Only you, the people of Massachusetts, can get Propane and Bioheat® fuel included as part of the solution. Contact your government by filling out the form to keep your energy choice and avoid increased taxes.

Propane & Bioheat® Fuel Should be a Part of the Clean Energy Solution

At Devaney Energy, we care greatly for the environment. Over the years, we have been proud to develop our Propane and Bioheat® fuel products, which have gotten cleaner burning with every year. We believe that Propane and Bioheat® fuel should be a part of the Clean Energy solution in Massachusetts. Consumers need real choices that can help reduce carbon with immediate impact, and Propane and Bioheat® fuel are available and ready to do just that.

We believe that MassDEP and your state representatives should not be deciding the type of energy you use in your home, nor should they be removing fuel sources that contribute to decarbonization efforts. Your voice needs to be heard! You must act now. Use the form on this page to email your local state officials to let them know you are opposed to the Clean Heat Standard becoming policy in Massachusetts without the inclusion of low carbon Propane and Bioheat® fuel.