Heating Oil

Devaney is committed to saving our commercial heating oil customers money through a combination of clean burning fuels, competitive pricing and flexible payment options. Automatic delivery or fast turn around time ensure that you are never without product. At Devaney, our business is saving your business money.


Every day more and more businesses are turning to Devaney Propane to fuel their operations. Our dependable delivery, competitive pricing and various payment options help to keep our commercial clients minimize costs and maximize savings.

Natural Gas & Electricity

The power to choose your supplier for natural gas and electricity – and save money – is finally a business decision, thanks to deregulation. Take advantage of our Energy Supply Management tool that analyzes past bills, usage, rate class and price level data etc. to find the best, most cost effective options available for your business.

Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Consistent operation is a must for our commercial customers and is the reason they rely on our industry-leading level of service.


In business, seeing a return on any investment is paramount. At Devaney Energy our installation coordinators will size and custom design the installation of the highest efficiency equipment available within our industry to make sure that return is realized.

Diesel & Gasoline

Commercially, diesel fuel and gasoline can serve many purposes. Backup generators in commercial housing, hotels, and hospitals etc., Marine fueling of yachts and fishing boats, and on site commercial fleet fueling are just some of the services that Devaney Energy can provide for our customers.