Cooling Equipment Options

There’s nothing quite like walking into a centrally cooled home on a sweltering day. Central Air Conditioning is now more efficient, more comfortable, more accessible and quieter than ever before. More efficient units, flex ductwork, and mini-duct systems can make cost-effective central air more feasible than in the past. And for those who already have Central Air Conditioning but have noticed it’s not quite as cool as it used to be, or it’s louder than you remember it being, or it’s costing much more to run than it ever has in the past, there has never been a better time to invest in new high-efficiency equipment. In fact, replacing aging equipment can offer incredible savings over time. Many who do swap out old for new are pleasantly surprised that their electric bills are significantly lower due to the increased efficiency and reduction in energy consumption.   Whether you have finally had enough, want to beat the heat and are interested in installing a brand new system or if you are looking to save money by replacing an older unit with a high-efficiency option, Devaney Energy would love to present you with both a comfort level and savings that we think you’ll find pretty COOL.


Ductless Systems

No existing ductwork in your home? No room for ductwork in your home? No excuse!

A lack of ductwork doesn’t have to mean a lack of comfort anymore. Now, Devaney Energy customers can experience the comfort and convenience of air conditioning without ductwork and without the unsightly, noisy window units of yesteryear.   Ductless systems are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. These systems are perfect for cooling just a single room or an entire home. Interested in finding out how energy-efficient air conditioning can work in your home, call Devaney Energy today for a complimentary review of your home with one of our comfort coordinators and be introduced to a cooler, more efficient future.

Heat Pumps

Air Conditioning is more available now than ever before. There are several options to keep your home cool during those hot summer months and our Comfort Specialists will be more than happy to evaluate and correctly size your home, determine which options make sense for you and present you with cooling solutions that will maximize YOUR comfort and minimize YOUR cost.