Heating Equipment

Benefits of High-efficiency Heating Equipment:

Many people are under the impression that the time to replace their heating equipment is when it simply stops working and can’t be repaired. While a new unit is absolutely necessary at this point, swapping out an older system for new, higher efficiency equipment can offer numerous benefits and savings:

Numerous repairs can add up! And spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars repairing old, inefficient equipment simply doesn’t make sense. Consider also that if you add the money spent on ineffective repairs to money spent on excess energy generated by an older system, the two would have gone a long way towards the purchase of a brand new unit.

As with most things mechanical, when a heating system gets older, it’s efficiency unfortunately decreases. Over time, this decrease in efficiency can lead to significant, yet ultimately avoidable energy costs. When homeowners realize the unnecessary energy costs that they are incurring by running older equipment long after it should have been replaced, installing new equipment becomes a much easier decision. This is the single largest reason that homeowners swap out older equipment with newer systems, and some customers enjoy up to a 30% reduction in the energy their home uses. That can amount to serious savings over time and a quick return on their initial investment.

None of us like to be cold. Unfortunately, as a heating system increases in age, so too do the chances of having to place inconvenient “no heat” calls. Saving money and reducing energy consumption are the two major factors in installing new equipment, however, peace of mind that your home’s heat won’t be interrupted when you need it most is also an important point to keep in mind.

Reduced energy costs aren’t the only benefit that stems from reduced energy consumption. The decline in energy usage that comes with a new, efficient system also reduces the impact that heating your home has on the environment. Saving energy, saving money and saving the planet, a winning scenario across the board.

Oil Tank Replacement

Over time all oil tanks, whether indoors or outdoors, corrode and need to be replaced. The proactive replacement of these tanks, however, can save a homeowner significant amounts of money when compared to the additional expense and inconvenience of spill cleanups, loss of heat etc. The cost associated with the replacement portion of an existing oil tank may be covered for those enrolled in Devaney Energy’s Oil Tank Protection program. Contact us today to find out more about this valuable program and to enroll!