Heating Equipment Options

There are several ways that a home can be heated, and there are different features and benefits that come with each.

  • Forced Hot Air, for example, utilizes centralized ductwork to distribute air that is heated by the blower in the furnace. This system can be easily expanded to provide air conditioning, humidification and air filtration throughout the house.
  • With a Forced Hot Water system, heated water is circulated through finned baseboard elements located throughout the home. Heat occurs when air passes over these finned baseboard elements, heating the surrounding air. Boilers (the name given to the units that generate this form of heat) can also be used to create domestic hot water through tankless coils or indirect water heaters.
  • A Hydro-Air system utilizes hot water generated from a boiler. This hot water is circulated through a water coil contained within hydro air handlers. The air handler then moves air across the hot water coil warming the air and distributing it through centralized ductwork. These systems may contain multiple air handlers for enhanced zoning. Hydro air systems incorporate a number of forms of heat off the boiler, including radiant, forced hot water baseboard and indirect water heaters. You can also add central air conditioning with relative ease.
  • Radiant heat is an extremely comfortable option. It involves the installation of durable yet flexible under-floor tubing. Warm water is then circulated through the tubing and heat is radiated up through the floor.


Today’s high-efficiency furnaces conserve energy while maximizing comfort. Devaney Energy proudly installs, services and maintains an extensive collection of high-efficiency oil and gas furnaces from many of our industry leading manufacturers.   Maximizing comfort, minimizing cost, that’s our vision for YOU.


Hot water boilers can be found in a tremendous amount of homes today and are one of the most popular sources of heat. Devaney Energy recommends and installs only the highest efficiency boilers based on our customers wants and needs. We offer ENERGY STAR®-rated boilers from Energy Kinetics, Burnham, Weil-McClain, and Viessman to name a few. Today’s boilers deliver energy conservation, peak efficiency and a higher level of comfort than ever before. Less energy used, more money saved.

Hot Water Heater

Hot water is an integral part of your family’s lifestyle. No one likes running out of hot water while washing clothes, washing dishes, or worse yet, taking a shower. Today’s hot water heaters are designed for even the most demanding and busiest of families.

Which type of hot water heater you choose can be determined by a number of factors. Your hot water can come from several sources including stand-alone oil fired, gas or electric units, or indirect tanks that operate as part of an existing heating unit. There are also a growing number of propane “on demand”, wall mounted hot water heaters giving you hot water in an instant.

The hot water options are available to you depend on several things including your current energy source, the setup of existing heating equipment, and budget. Regardless of what you choose, Devaney Energy will correctly size out and evaluate your home’s needs and present multiple options along with the expected savings over time. Now you can rest assured that you and your family will enjoy endless amounts of hot water efficiently while saving you money in the long run.





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