Maintenance & Repair

With our own, on site, state of the art training facility – Devaney University – it’s no surprise that Devaney Energy customers expect and receive an industry leading level of service. It is an extreme source of pride for us and goes a long way in helping us to deliver the customer experience that we aim for.

Service is available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year, however, we consistently work with our customers to reduce unnecessary service calls whenever possible.

For optimal health, many of us see a doctor at least once a year for an annual physical. This visit typically includes a series of tests and a physical evaluation to make sure that our system is running as it should, and that there are no signs of impending illnesses or conditions. Applying that same mindset to our heating equipment can go a long way in ensuring that our heating system, like our own physical system, is running the way it was designed to.

Preventative maintenance can save hundreds of dollars in avoidable and detectable service issues and breakdowns in addition to fuel usage. This reduction in energy consumption not only saves money but goes a long way in protecting our environment for future generations. Most of all, it is the best way to ensure your heating and air conditioning systems work when you need them to, from the hottest of summer days to the bitter cold of winter. Let our 12-point comprehensive annual maintenance deliver peace of mind, savings, and optimal health for your heating system this season.

For optimal protection, contact us to sign up for one of Devaney Energy’s heating protection plans. You’ll be glad you did!

Heating Protection Plans

We offer comprehensive service plans for all oil-fired heating and hot water systems. Coverage also includes an annual tune- up, helping your heating equipment perform safely and efficiently all year round. All of our policies are backed by guaranteed 24/7 emergency service.

Oil Tank Protection Program

Our oil burner service policy does not cover oil tanks. But with an oil tank protection plan, if your tank should leak due to internal corrosion while it is covered by the warranty it will be eligible to receive a warranty credit of up to $2,000 towards a replacement oil tank.