Natural Gas & Electricity

Knowledge is Power. And when it comes to choosing a supplier of Natural Gas or Electricity, that Power is simply knowing that now, the choice is yours. Through deregulation customers can now decide who they would like to partner with for the supply portion of the process, maintenance remains with the Electric and/or Gas company so enrolling with Devaney Energy can literally take only a few minutes but lead to a lifetime of savings. As with any business decision, it’s important to have all of the information at hand and with this in mind, Devaney Energy has established a process that allows us to capture information necessary to determine the best pricing program and partner for you. Ultimately we will gather the information that is shared with us, assess your needs vs. what the market can offer and present options. Then, the choice is yours.

Initial Consultation:
After an initial consultation, we establish your needs and discuss current market conditions, desired length of contract, benefits of a fixed price vs. a floating rate, risk assessment and billing methods etc.

Usage Analysis:
Then we look at past bills, historical usage, rate class, and price level data to advise the best energy solution for your unique needs.

We then gather and compile pricing and program information from a number of suppliers to review with you.

Secure agreed pricing and paperwork:
Once a program is decided we work out any contractual paperwork, submit change letters and notify any necessary parties.

Provide periodic updates:
As a true partner, Devaney Energy will continue to constantly manage your account, providing updates on market conditions and potential future buying opportunities as well as answering any questions that may come up.