Devaney Energy is your neighborhood propane company specializing in propane delivery, service, installations, and conversions from another fuel source. If you are looking for a versatile fuel that can handle all of your amenities, propane is the answer. Propane is a safe and efficient fuel that is used for so many different heaters and appliances around your home.

Just some of the amenities around your home that propane fuels are:

  • Home heating boilers and furnaces
  • Indoor and outdoor cooking appliances
  • Clothes dryers
  • Fireplaces
  • Hot water heaters
  • Generators
  • Pool heaters
  • and more!

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Propane Delivery

Looking for a dependable, local propane company to deliver your fuel? Getting set up for a propane delivery with Devaney Energy couldn’t be any easier. We offer some of the most competitive pricing available in addition to flexible payment plans and automatic delivery. This, coupled with industry-leading service and an unparalleled commitment to our customer’s experience, makes Devaney Energy the clear choice when it comes to selecting a propane supplier. Fill out the form below to get started in setting up your next propane delivery!

Converting to Propane

We make converting from your existing fuel source to propane simple so you can enjoy the many benefits that come with propane and the versatility of it. Our certified technicians perform conversions every day, usually within one day’s time so there is very little interruption to your daily life. Plus, with tax incentives often available through PGANE Safe Appliance Rebates, and high-efficiency equipment credits sometimes available, we will make sure that any conversion is as cost effective as possible.

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