Switch to Propane

Are you interested in switching to propane? We can help!

Propane has been rising in popularity as a fuel choice for many homes throughout Massachusetts—and with good reason too. While propane gas continues to be one of the more versatile fuels available—fueling much more than just heat and hot water—it is also one of the most efficient, clean, and safest burning fuels. And it’s made in America!

In addition to fueling your heat and hot water, propane can also be used to fuel appliances such as:

Switch to propane and enjoy the benefits of:

  • Automatic delivery by our team of professionals
  • Longer-term fixed pricing agreements with budget plans available
  • Cleaner burning fuel for the environment
  • More efficient saving you money annually
  • 24/7 emergency service available
  • & more!

Switching to propane as your main fuel source is easy! We take care of everything for you—from equipment installations, permitting, and inspections. We’ll even let you know what money-saving rebates are available at the time of your installation.

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